Q. Are AMI auctions for dealers only?

A. No. Everyone is welcome! All AMI auctions are open to the public.

Q. Can I bid online?

A. Yes, only for online auctions, but NOT during live auctions. You may submit absentee bids for selected live auctions.

Q. Can I register online?

A. Yes, but only for online auctions. For live auctions please obtain your bid number at the front counter on auction day.

Q. Can I view merchandise before the auction?

A. For Saturday auctions, viewing is at 8:00 on auction day (unless otherwise specified). For Tuesday auctions, viewing is from 9-6 on auction day. We cannot allow ANYONE into our warehouse prior to auction day, due to heavy equipment unloading freight.

Q. After auction can I find out how much an item was sold for?

A. No, we do not disclose that information to anyone.

Q. What type of payment is accepted?

A. Cash, personal check, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Q. Do I pay a buyers premium?

A. Yes, for AUTO AUCTIONS, the fee is a flat $195 per vehicle purchased, plus tax and titling fees. For all other live auctions, excluding auto auctions, a 12% fee is added, witH a 2% discount for paying with cash or check. Buyer’s premium is considered part of the sale price and is subject to Minnesota state sales tax. (Per Minnesota Revenue Sales Tax Newsletter, December 2002) A 2% discount is given for payments of cash or check. A 13% buyer’s premium is charged for absentee bidding and online auctions and is considered part of the sale price and is subject to Minnesota state sales tax.

Q. If I can’t take my items with me when can I pick them up?

A. Taking your paid purchases with you on auction day is preferred. If you absolutely cannot take them with you, you may pick them up Monday – Thursday from 9am to 5pm. Thereafter a $15 dollar fee PER ITEM, PER DAY, will be charged for storage. Please bring your PAID RECEIPT when picking up your items. If you won an item during an online auction, you will be notified by email with an invoice. If you do not receive an invoice you DID NOT win the item.